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Spring Techno Capital strives to provide their clients with above average capital appreciation in the financial markets.

We offer Asset Management, making use of algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence beyond common indicators.

Our Goal: Risk adjusted returns independent of the current direction of the Forex, Equities, Commodity and Crypto markets.


Winning Strategies

At Spring Techno we are here to offer you a whole new potential of market approaches and trading systems, which can be leveraged to attain portfolio growth. Let us understand your needs and assist you in choosing your investment strategy.


The Setup

Set your performance goals, risk appetite and preferences. We listen and build your portfolio, based on our decades long experience in the markets.


Your Portfolio

We build a diversified portfolio over different markets and trading strategies. Risk management, self-learning Artificial Intelligence and Equity Trading are important features.


Capital Appreciation

Sustainable performance requires knowledge, patience and trust. Let us grow your capital together.

FX Strategies

Next Level Algos

Spring Techno develops AI-Driven Research-Based investment strategies with above-average target returns.

With our expert team implementing active risk management strategies, your investment return remains resilient, even in the face of changing market conditions.

By applying our time-tested Forex strategies, investors can tap into a dynamic alternative that provides the potential for consistent returns while navigating the uncertainties and diversification needs of the current market environment.

Spring Techno cooperates with regulated banks, brokers and asset management firms.

Years in the markeTs

Spring Techno has been building proprietary trading software and systems for more than two decades.


Avg Annual Return

The Spring Techno Capital conservative strategy targets an average 15% per annum return.

scientific projects

Scientific research and cooperation with universities give our analysis a strong advantage.

trading systems

Spring has taken the time and computing power to explore and evaluate thousands of trading approaches.

How We Work. The SPRING team

As experienced market analysts and traders, we know the factors that make or break a sustainable asset management. Combined with our science based software development competence, we provide the tools for high-level capital appreciation.

Stefan Burkard is a graduate engineer in computer sciences with a focus on software development, process measuring and control technology. He developed several business software projects for the financial industry with the areas Data Mining and Machine Learning. CTO of Spring Techno since 2003, he is responsible for IT and software projects.

Holger Arndt is Managing Director at Spring Techno with 10+ years of experience in international R&D projects. His work focuses on pattern recognition, machine learning, trading system development and visual analytics. He thereby developed algorithm-based automated trading strategies for Hedge Funds and brokers. 

Trading Principles

Spring Techno applies a set of tools and principles to achieve the most reliable performance under different market conditions. These include diversification, self-learning AI, trading in different time frames, risk management and equity trading.


Diversify across markets and different approaches like pattern recognition, trend- and counter-trend methods and statistical anomalies.

Self-learning AI

We apply self-learning Artificial Intelligence to adjust our systems, as markets and trading patterns change over time.

Different timeframes

Using different time frames and trading frequencies is part of our diversification strategy.

Risk Management

Risk management for each single system and for the overall portfolio is an essential part of our trading plan.

Portfolio Management

By building and managing specified portfolios, we set you up for your risk and return goals.

Equity Trading

In Equity Trading, we monitor the performance of single trading systems within a greater portfolio. The exposure to under-performers is reduced, while the winners are strengthened.

"We are passionate about trading and we specialize in unique winning machine learning and system building approaches. That´s how we create an edge in the markets."

Stefan Burkard

 Investment Strategy

Risk Management

Systemic Risk has been identified as a key factor in the stability of financial markets. In its broadest form, it represents scenarios, where the exposure of financial institutions in those markets become strongly correlated – potentially leading to industry-wide institutional failure.

Preserving precious capital is a basis of successful asset management. Spring Techno therefor performs Systemic Risk Prediction via analyzing inter-dependencies and correlations between specified products and trading instruments to establish and keep a balanced and risk-adjusted portfolio.

Our risk models are based on joint research in cooperation with leading European universities – and co-funded by the European Commission.

We cooperate with selected brokers, banks and platforms to set up and execute our trading strategies.

Our Scientific basis

Research and Development

Spring Technos´ algorithms and proprietary trading tools are based on European Funded Projects such as “INFORE”, “SmartDataLake” and “QualiMaster”. These projects develop novel interactive processing tools for extreme-scale data analytics. Resulting in unique trading opportunities, while de-risking during uncertain market conditions.


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Spring Techno is a German Fintech company, cooperating with banks and brokers to attain risk-adjusted capital appreciation. Build on more than 20 years of experience in algorithmic trading.


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